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A multimedia approach to computer aided identification and its applications in determining the major weeds of Réunion island : AdvenRun V.1.0

Le Bourgeois T., Jeuffrault E., Grard P., Carrara A.. 2001. In : Ganeshaiah K.N. (ed.), Shaanker U.R. (ed.), Bawa K.S. (ed.). Tropical Ecosystems. Structure, Diversity and Human Welfare (Supplement). Proceedings. Bangalore : ATREE, p. 24-24. International Conference on Tropical Ecosystems, 2001-07-15/2001-07-18, Bangalore (Inde).

The identification of species remains a major problem for the whole scientific community, especially in botany. Our method is based on the calculation of similarity coefficients which allows for lack of information, intraspecific variation and even observation errors. Contrary to dichotomous keys, species are not eliminated: only the percentages of similarity are changed. A composite picture of the described plant is dynamically built at each response by the user. The choice of characters is entirely done in graphic mode and the whole document (photographs and line drawings) is available and printable at any time. In the same manner, all the botanical and technical terms in the descriptive file of the species are defined using hypertext and are illustrated with drawings. AdvenRun V.1.0, is a direct application of this software applied to Réunion Island weeds. This CD-ROM for Windows 9x, is able to identify 98 species of major weeds of the island, and is a tool which aims to broadcast botanical knowledge and to train technicians and developers.(Texte intégral)

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