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Establishing geographical indications without state involvement? Learning from case studies in Central and West Africa

Chabrol D., Mariani M., Sautier D.. 2017. World Development, 98 : p. 68-81.

DOI: 10.1016/j.worlddev.2015.11.023

This paper addresses the debate on establishing GIs in weak national institutional contexts. It builds on evidence provided by six case studies in a project implemented by the African Intellectual Property Organization (French acronym OAPI) in Western and Central Africa: Oku white honey, Penja pepper, Ziama-Macenta coffee, Dogon shallots, Galmi purple onions, and Korhogo cloth. Thanks to OAPI's unique status and an appropriate methodology, three GIs have been registered. We notice a lack of sound and effective state involvement which can limit the successful development of GIs. We identify some decisive factors in successful collective action.

Mots-clés : produit alimentaire; provenance; Étiquetage des produits; qualité; afrique centrale; afrique occidentale; cameroun; guinée; indication géographique

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