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Pl@ntInvasion: Collaborative identification and information platform on invasive plants in French Overseas Territories

Le Bourgeois T., Soubeyran Y.. 2012. Aliens (32) : p. 39-41.

Invasive alien plants are a major threat to the biodiversity of French Overseas Territories, but information on these species is often incomplete or not easily accessible to many stakeholders. Better management of these species therefore hinges on sharing experiences with, and knowledge of, these pests. The Pl@ntInvasion project aims to build a specialised technical network by providing a set of tools (collaborative platform, database and plant identification applications) to help people in plant identification, obtain pertinent information and share experiences and problems. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : système d'information; identification; espèce; plante; mauvaise herbe; banque de données; espèce envahissante; france

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