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Farmers harvesting and post-harvest practices for cup coagulum in Northeast Thailand do not meet rubber factories requirement

Chambon B., Promkhambut A., Cavaloc E., Kerdvonbundit P., Sainte-Beuve J.. 2015. Phuket : Prince of Songkla University, 4 p.. Asia Pacific Rubber Conference. 2, 2015-10-15/2015-10-16, Phuket (Thaïlande).

Farmers' harvesting and post-harvest practices affect the quality of rubber coagulum with consequences for rubber processing factories. Many smallholders in Thailand sell their rubber as coagulum, especially in the North-East where rubber plantations widely expanded since the 1990s. But for this new rubber producing area, we lack information on farmers' practices to produce and sell coagula. Therefore, a survey was conducted with 340 rubber farmers in four northeastern provinces: Bueng Kan, Nakon Phanom, Mukdahan and Ubon Ratchatani. Results show that considering the practices one by one, there is a relatively homogeneity among farmers. But considering several harvesting and post-harvest practices together, many combinations are possible resulting in a high diversity of practices. Nevertheless, a typology with seven groups was established. The two groups gathering the highest proportion of farmers are those with practices that could have negative impact on rubber quality. We conclude that it is necessary to get into a dialogue among all the stakeholders involved in the production and marketing of coagulum to raise awareness on the quality issue and on the requirement of rubber processing factories.

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