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Mechanical characterization of heat-treated ash wood in relation with structural timber standards

Hannouz S., Collet R., Butaud J.C., Bleron L., Candelier K.. 2015. Pro Ligno, 11 (2) : p. 3-10.

Heat treatment is an attractive method to enhance wood durability, and valorize local hardwood species with naturallow durability. Yet no standard allows the certification of such products.This study first aims to observe the influence of heat treatment on the different mechanical properties. The standard mechanical tests; bending,tension parallel a nd perpendicular to grain, compression parallel and perpendicular to grain and shear, have been performed on native and heat - treated woods samples. The measurements are then compared to values of EN 338 standard. Results reveal that shear strength is the property most affected by heat treatment and that the modulus of elasticity perpendicular to grain is increased. The values given by EN 338 standard are generally safe with the exception of shear strength which is underestimated by current relationships. It is suggested that new relationships have to be provided for heat - treated wood, taking into account the loss of shear resistance.

Mots-clés : bois; traitement thermique; propriété mécanique; Élasticité; propriété physicochimique; résistance mécanique; préservation du bois; certification; fraxinus excelsior; france

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