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Transparency and reliability of tenure information for improved land governance: Assessing agribusiness dynamics in Senegal using multi-source geodata

Bourgoin J., Valette E., Guillouet S.. 2016. In : Scaling up responsible land governance. Washington : World Bank, 25 p.. Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, 2016-03-14/2016-03-17, Washington (Etats-Unis).

In Senegal, there is a strong demand for improved transparency and reliability of land tenure information from government-related institutions as well as from civil society and NGOs. Our research project proceeds from both these demands. The general objective of this study has been to assess and comprehend agribusiness dynamics in Senegal using multi-source geodata. A critical inventory of the various sources of information delivered a first assessment, which was confronted with other sources of data including satellite imagery. One of the major issues faced by current projects on land deals is the use of punctual assessments and data that originate from different sources (grey literature, research papers, media, etc.) Local communities would strongly benefit from dynamic geospatial information on land acquisitions. The access to -and the control of- this information would inherently increase their negotiation capacity, enhance the transparency in land deals and strengthen the accountability of land investors. To conclude, we discuss future paths of an action-research program based on a participatory mapping methodology that will allow securing and extending the geo-spatial assessment of agribusiness dynamics in Senegal, while being accessible to a majority of stakeholders.

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