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Improving rubber smallholdings productivity and resilience through adoption of good agricultural practices

Gohet E., Lacote R., Leconte A., Chapuset T., Rivano F., Chambon B.. 2016. Singapour : s.n., 15 p.. Focus Forum on Natural Rubber Sustainability, 2016-05-10/2016-05-11, Singapour (Singapour).

In the global rubber industry, yield gaps between rubber smallholdings and rubber agro-industries are important. These gaps are important regarding land productivity (kg/ha) and even more important regarding labor productivity (kg/tapper/day). However, technical packages of GAP (good agricultural practices) and BMP (best management practices) are available from decades of research in breeding, physiology, agronomy, crop protection and latex harvesting technology. This paper lists the principles of Rubber GAPs, details the bottlenecks regarding their transfer to smallholders and explains Cirad strategies to favor the efficiency of GAP transfer of technology (TOT) to the rubber smallholders, based on Cirad experience in different rubber producing countries.

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