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OSWALD v.1.0: Open Source for Weed Assessment in Lowland Paddy Fields

Grard P., Homsombath K., Kessler P., Khuon E., Le Bourgeois T., Prosperi J., Risdale C.E.. 2006. Montpellier : CIRAD, 1 p..

The project envisages the initiation and sustenance of cooperation between the South East Asian and the European agronomist communities. Indeed, it brings together and assimilates into a knowledge base the kind of information, which will be of significant use to the farming community. Such an approach of a decision-making tool made available in rural areas and accessing a centralized database through the Internet can be extended to other agriculture-related needs like pest management, and in a more general sense, to give access to ecological, meteorological, agronomic and economic information (market prices, monsoon forecast, cost of inputs, etc.) that may help farmers to better plan their activities. Moreover, it provides a special impetus to major capacity-building efforts for young agronomists, applied botanists and extension workers. The knowledge base is designed and developed in such way to enable capacity building by taking into account the non-expert background of the intended audience and local language question.

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