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North-south bioenergy experience, success and failure. Case studies

Rousset P.. 2016. Bangkok : s.n., 1 p.. Renewable Energy Asia 2016 `Energy Transition for ASEAN¿s Future¿. 12, 2016-06-01/2016-06-04, Bangkok (Thaïlande).

Scientific cooperation between the Industrialized Countries (North) and the Less Developed Countries (South) has evolved greatly over the last decades and has involved a number of varied mechanisms ranging from technical assistance to collaborative research partnerships. After a brief description of these mechanisms, this paper presents 2 bioenergy cases study between Latin America, Africa and Europe to promote North-South scientific collaborative partnership. This presentation is trying to answer to the following questions:1)What are the key factors of success and sustainability of existing and future bio-energy initiatives between North and South? 2)How to establish effective local and regional partnership among producers and beneficiaries? (Texte integral)

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