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Emergence and evolution of the Payment for environmental Services program in Costa Rica: Insight from an Advocacy Coalition Framework perspective

Le Coq J.F., Pesche D., Saenz-Segura F.. 2015. México : UNAM, 1 p.. Seminario Internacional "Políticas y Acción Pública: de las Teorías a los Métodos", 2015-04-20/2015-04-24, Mexico (Mexique).

Payments for environmental services (PES) has been gained an increasing international attention to deal with conservation issues. Many studies discussed the definition and governance of PES. However, few studies have been carried out using policy science analytical framework to analyze PES programs. This presentation aims at understanding the emergence and evolution of a specific policy instrument, the national program of PES in Costa Rica, considering its long and short term continuity and inflexion. It gives insight on two specific questions: 1) Why PES Program has been adopted ? ; 2) Why PES Program experienced changes over time ? To answer these questions, we mobilized the advocacy coalition framework (ACF ¿ Sabatier and Jenkins, 1993 ; Sabatier, 2007). After a presentation of the ACF approach and its methodological implications, we present the dynamic of PES program (time line) and interpret the emergence and evolution PES program in Costa Rica, as the results of evolution of 3 sectorial coalitions (namely agricultural, productive forestry, forest conservationist). We finally discuss the interest and limits of the ACF approach and propose some proposal for further research on policy process. (Texte intégral)

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