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Familiarity with consumer expectations to support smallholders: Demand for quality pork in Vietnam

Diaz Pedregal V., Nguyen Ngoc Luan, Figuié M., Moustier P.. 2010. In : Jabbar M.A. (ed.), Baker D. (ed.), Fadiga M.L.(ed.). Demand for livestock products in developing countries with a focus on quality and safety attributes: Evidence from Asia and Africa. Nairobi : ILRI, p. 127-137. (Research Report, 24).

Economic growth in Vietnam and recurring food scandal incidents are prompting the demand for quality products. This report explores consumer expectations with regard to pork, a very popular food item in Vietnam. The findings are based on a quantitative survey of 600 urban and rural households in Vietnam. The study focuses on consumer practices and assertions in the area of purchasing fresh and processed pork. The objective is to assist disadvantaged producers to better fit the supply with the new trends in consumption.(Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : viet nam

Thématique : Economie de la consommation; Composition des produits alimentaires; Economie familiale et artisanale

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