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Permissiveness evaluation of wild and attenuated PPRV strains in mouse cells expressing INFI and goat SLAM receptor

Comerlato J., Servan de Almeida R., Minet C.. 2016. In : Berthelot Edwige (ed.), Diagne Christophe (ed.), Hammami Pachka (ed.), Lesieur Vincent (ed.), Lies Adrien (ed.), Rombaut Antoine (ed.). Actes du Printemps de Baillarguet. 8ème édition. Montferrier : INRA; CIRAD, p. 40-40. Printemps de Baillarguet. 8, 2016-06-02/2016-06-03, Montferrier-sur-Lez (France).

This study aimed to compare the behaviour of different Peste des Petits Ruminant virus (PPRV) strains in the 10T1/2 cell line, an embryonic fibroblastic mouse cell able to express IFN-I (_=_). The 10T1/2 cells, expressing or not the PPRV receptor (goat SLAM), were infected with attenuated and wild type PPRV. The synthesis of the messenger RNAs (mRNA) of the goat SLAM receptor and IFN _ was quantified by RT-qPCRs. At different periods post infection the virus replication was measured by viral mRNA detection, observation of CPE and viral nucleoprotein expression. The vaccine strain was unable to complete the replication cycle either in cells expressing SLAM goat receptor. On the contrary, both cells were permissive to the wild PPRV, showing a complete replication cycle with typical PPRV CPE. The possible effect of IFN-I on virus replication was discarded. These results show that the 10T1/2 cells are only permissive to the wild PPRV and not to the vaccine strain and indicate that other host cell factor(s) than cell receptor and IFN-I may interfere in this phenomenon. This ongoing study will serve to improve the understanding on the virus-cell interaction of morbilliviruses.

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