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Toward a restricted tolerance of street vending of food in Hanoi districts: The role of stakeholder dialogue

Thi Tan Loc N., Moustier P.. 2016. World Food Policy, 2 (2) : p. 67-78.

In Vietnam, fruit and vegetable marketing is characterized by a diversity of distribution chains, including formal markets, street vendors, shops, and supermarkets. The government is promoting the expansion of supermarket distribution and plans to eliminate all informal trade on the grounds of modernization. The article investigates how the activities of street vendors can be successfully integrated in the city, using a stakeholder dialogue approach. Researchers appraised the role of street vendors in food distribution and employment and documented a successful street vending model. Stakeholder meetings were held to discuss the integration of street vending in Dong Da District. A key result is the demonstration and recognition by city and district officials of the dominant role of street vending in food distribution and employment of the poor. Workshops helped the Hanoi city and district authorities agree to tolerate street vendors in selected areas, with the setting of jointly developed commitments. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : vente au détail; typologie; secteur informel; circuit de commercialisation; produit alimentaire; viet nam

Thématique : Commerce intérieur; Commerce, commercialisation et distribution

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