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Documentation of the Femroot code

Peynaud E.. 2016. Montpellier : CIRAD, 32 p..

Femroot is a code developed at the UMR AMAP laboratory as a part of the CMMP (Continuous Mathematical Models for Plants) project. The code solves the advection-reaction-diffusion equation on unstructured mesh. Space numerical approximations are based on _nite element methods: the Lagrange finite element and the Discontinuous Galerkin method have been implemented and tested. The time approximation is based on a o-schema. The code also solves the inverse problem of identification of the parameters. It is a non linear least square optimization problem solved using a Levemberg-Marquardt algorithm. The code has been designed for simulations of vegetation growth and more specifically for root growth simulations. The present report aims at describing the Femroot code. In the first part we give a quick technical introduction for developers. The second part describes the models problems and the numerical methods. The third part gives benchmarks and numerical examples.

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