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Plant latex lipase as biocatalysts for biodiesel production

Mazou M., Djossou A.J., Tchobo F.P., Villeneuve P., Soumanou M.M.. 2016. African Journal of Biotechnology, 15 (28) : p. 1487-1502.

DOI: 10.5897/AJB2015.14966

Industrial-scale processes currently developed make use of chemical catalysis processes that are highly efficient but require very complex product puri¿cation steps. Enzymatic catalysis through plant lipases as biocatalysts is an alternative which, in contrast to chemical catalysis processes, appeared simple to perform, and can be done at low investment cost. Although microbial lipases have been extensively studied, little research has been focused on the use of plant lipases namely plant latex lipases. The present article outlines the most advanced knowledge concerning plant latex characterization in order to show how plant latex can be a promising alternative to catalyze transesteri¿cation for biodiesel production. This paper provides an overview regarding the main aspects of latex, such as the reactions catalyzed, physiological functions, specificities, sources and their industrial applications.

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