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Physico-mechanical properties, durability and treatability of Pinus uncinata from the Pyrenees

Correal Modol E., Vilches Casals M., Langbour P., Thévenon M.F., Gérard J., Guibal D.. 2016. In : World Conference on Timber Engineering. CD-ROM Proceedings. Vienne : Vienna University of Technology, 19 p.. World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE 2016), 2016-08-22/2016-08-25, Vienna (Autriche).

Pinus uncinata is a native pine from the mountain zones of Spain and of the centre and west of the Alps. Since centuries, it has been known that this species presents an excellent structural competence and his heartwood is perceived as highly durable. Nevertheless, its properties have not been studied in depth. The timber characterized comes from the French and the Spanish Pyrenees. The study analyses the mechanical and the physical properties of the clear wood, as well as the durability and the treatability. All the tests were done according the European standards. Pinus uncinata is soft, lightweight and not as stiff as the native pines of southern Europe. The natural durability was evaluated and the mountain pine was classified as non-durable. The sapwood wood is treatable while the heartwood is little or non-treatable.

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