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Introduction - Economic and ecological aspects of diversification of tropical tree crops

Ruf F., Schroth G.. 2015. In : Ruf François (ed.), Schroth Götz (ed.). Economics and ecology of diversification: the case of tropical tree crops. Dordrecht : Springer, Ed. Quae, p. 1-40.

Economic diversification reflects an individual's strategy for an improved balance between expected income, risks and various constraints (Barrett et al. 2000). It is thus a process of adjustment to changes in the relative costs of land, labour and capital; in profitability; in market risks as well as in political, climatic and environmental risks; and in uncertainties of the various strategies for increasing household incomes. Economic diversification comes about through the adoption of additional activities such as the inclusion of new crops or livestock into farming systems. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : revenu complémentaire; agroforesterie; forêt; forêt tropicale; production forestière

Thématique : Production forestière

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