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Can uplanders and lowlanders share land and water services? (A case study in Central Java Indonesia)

Andriyana I., Jourdain D., Shivakoti G.P., Lidon B., Kartiwa B.. 2017. In : Ganesh Shivakoti (ed.), Ujjwal Pradhan (ed.), Helmi Helmi (ed.). Redefining diversity and dynamics of natural resources management in Asia: sustainable natural resources management in dynamic Asia, Volume 1. Amsterdam : Elsevier, p. 321-330.

This study tried to find a feasible method of role and management sharing of natural resources among natural resources users both upstream and downstream of a watershed. The case study was upstream of three subwatersheds in Central Java Indonesia, named Samba, Soka, and Pusur Watersheds. We found the problems of water shortage experienced by farmers in downstream areas were caused by (1) reduced discharge of water from the Pusur River; (2) increased sedimentation in rivers and irrigation infrastructure; (3) extensive damage to infrastructure, especially intake gate water upstream of the irrigation system; and (4) increased extraction of water for urban areas and private companies. Problems (1) and (2) are related to land use and land cover changes in the upper area; problem (3) is related to irrigation network management; and problem (4) is influenced by social and economic aspects. To tackle this problem, one or two alternative solutions can be used: decreasing water demand or increasing water supply. The Payment for Environmental Services method seems promising to implement in a watershed that has conflicts both upstream and downstream environment users. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : eau disponible; bassin versant; services écosystémiques; couverture végétale; utilisation des terres; utilisation de l'eau; irrigation; Étude de cas; gestion des ressources naturelles; ressource foncière; ressource en sol; gestion foncière; gestion des eaux; gestion des ressources; ressource en eau; java

Thématique : Ressources en eau et leur gestion; Économie et politique foncières; Conservation de la nature et ressources foncières

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