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Unbundling ecosystem service bundles

Norström A., Bennett E.M., Peterson G., Anderson E., Enfors E., Felipe Lucia M., Fischer J., Garcia-Lorente M., Grace Turner K., Hammann M., Hanspach J., Hicks C., Jacobs S., Lavorel S., Dittrich A., Martín-López B., Meacham M., Locatelli B., Plieninger T., Qiu J., Queiroz C., Scholes B., Seppelt R., Turner M.. 2016. In : Book of abstracts, session S4 (Ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies: patterns across case-studies). Anvers : Ecosystem Services Partnerships, p. 4. European Ecosystem Services 2016 Conference, 2016-09-19/2016-09-23, Anvers (Belgique).

How can assessments of multiple ecosystem services intelligently analyze interconnected ecosystem services. When carrying out ecosystem service assessments to determine and understand bundles of ecosystem services it is vital to consider 4 key areas that will aid in the understanding, practicality, reliability, and comparability of the study: 1) Ecosystem service bundle dynamics and characteristics will depend on what indicators are used, and what part of the ecosystem service production chain they represent (production potential/supply, use/demand, value/need); 2) Drivers and their interactions influence ecosystem service bundle dynamics and configurations at different points in the ecosystem service production chain; 3) Issues of scale¿in terms of spatial extent, temporal scale, social organization and the resolution of analysis; 4) ecosystem service bundles are more than the sum of their parts, and are also an expression of an emergent dynamics of the social-ecological system that produces them.

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