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A Framework for accurately informing facilitated regional industrial symbioses on environmental consequences

Dumoulin F., Wassenaar T., Avadi Tapia A.D., Paillat J.M.. 2017. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 21 (5) : p. 1049-1067.

DOI: 10.1111/jiec.12495

Facilitated regional industrial symbiosis (FRIS) initiatives mainly aim at increasing regional resource-use efficiency, but should also assess and anticipate other environmental consequences of the intended structural system changes. To successfully embed environmental criteria in an FRIS process, the environmental impacts resulting from induced system changes should comprehensively address all environmental aspects relevant to stakeholders. Normative environmental assessment frameworks used in FRIS, such as life cycle assessment, fail to address the ambiguity surrounding the concept of environment itself and its social foundations. The ¿environment¿ is a polysemous (i.e., has multiple meanings), relative and subjective construction and environmental consequences of FRIS initiative should be selected by means of environmental assessment frameworks that enable subjective identification of environmental phenomena of interest. We propose such an environmental assessment framework providing both (1) a logical basis accommodating all FRIS stakeholders' perceptions of the environment and environmental consequences and (2) a method, embedding that logical basis, for the consideration of environmental consequences in FRIS. The logical basis is built by conceptually structuring independent key elements of the perception of ¿environment,¿ that is, the relation between environmental consequences and FRIS stakeholders (object-subject relation). This generic environmental assessment framework contrasts with the direct use of normative frameworks under which both the phenomena of interest and their indicators are conflated and predefined. The proposed framework is partially illustrated by describing its application to a specific case: the identification of phenomena of interest within an FRIS process aiming to recycle organic residues in Réunion.

Mots-clés : impact sur l'environnement; industrie; activité économique; gestion des ressources naturelles; développement économique; développement régional; déchet organique; utilisation des déchets; réunion; france

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