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Carbon sequestration in logged forests: some results from the tropical managed forests observatory

Rutishauser E., Sist P.. 2015. In : Kettle Chris J. (ed.), Magrach Ainhoa (ed.). Resilience of tropical ecosystems: future challenges and opportunities. Frankfurt am Main : Society for Tropical Ecology, p. 42. Annual Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology, 2015-04-07/2015-04-10, Zurich (Suisse).

Nowadays, human disturbed forests form most of tropical landscapes. Commercial logging is often recognized as the main driver of forest disturbances, having profound and long-lasting environmental impacts. If post-logging stand dynamics is documented at a few sites in the Amazon basin, no regional assessment has been carried out yet. Moreover, effects of logging are generally investigated at forest stand level, while impacts at tree level remains poorly addressed. The present contribution will explore the impact of logging (i) at forest stand level on biomass/carbon recovery, and (ii) at tree level, on their morphology. From these results, some perspectives on future tropical forest management are proposed.

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