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Atlas of tropical timber species - Edition of a new data-bank on 283 Tropical timbers

Thévenon M.F., Guibal D., Langbour P., Paradis S., Châlon I., Gérard J.. 2016. s.l. : s.n., 1 poster. Annual Meeting of the International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG47). 47, 2016-05-15/2016-05-19, Lisbonne (Portugal).

This poster presents a new data base, the Atlas of tropical timber species. This Atlas aims to disseminate technological characteristics and uses of 273 tropical timbers from Africa, South America and South-East Asia, as well as the properties of 17 temperate timbers. The data published in this atlas are up-dates of the 3 formers atlases published by ATIBT & CTFT (former forestry department of CIRAD), combined with the new version of TROPIX (version 8) (CIRAD software). To the usual characteristics, such as natural durability, physical and mechanical properties, new properties (thermal conductivity, higher heating value,¿) are described This Atlas is a common project between CIRAD, ATIBT and OIBT..

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