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Modelling the spatio-temporal dynamics of mosquitoes and its response to sit control

Dufourd C., Anguelov R., Dumont Y.. 2016. Pretoria : University of Pretoria, 1 p.. South African Malaria Research Conference. 2, 2016-07-31/2016-08-02, Pretoria (Afrique du Sud).

The aim of this presentation is to present some results on the distribution and abundance of a malaria-vector Anopheles mosquito population, taking into account environmental parameters such as wind and temperature, and its response to Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) control. To do so, we consider a compartmental approach to account for the interactions between groups of individuals within the population, and we model the dispersal of each compartment via an advection-diffusion-reaction process based on biological and behavioural assumptions. The resulting mathematical model is formulated by a system of partial differential equations which accounts for temporal variations of the population abundance and spatial heterogeneity. We then carry out numerical simulations for the dispersal of mosquitoes and simulate various SIT control scenarios. We show that environmental factors have a significant influence on the distribution of mosquitoes and the efficiency of the control method. (Texte intégral)

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