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The effect of selected soil and climate parameters on multiple ecosystem services from abandoned and managed semi-natural grasslands

Johansen L., Wehn S., Taugourdeau S.. 2016. In : M. Höglind (ed.), A.K. Bakken (ed.), K.A. Hovstad (ed.), E. Kallioniemi (ed.), H. Riley (ed.), H. Steinshamn (ed.), L. Østrem (ed.). The multiple roles of grassland in the European bioeconomy: Proceedings of the 26th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation. Ås : European Grassland Federation; NIBIO, p. 636-638. (Grassland science in Europe, 21). General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation: "The Multiple Roles of Grassland in the European Bioeconomy". 26, 2016-09-04/2016-09-08, Trondheim (Norvège).

Climate, available resources and disturbance by agricultural land use influence ecosystem service (ES) delivery. In our project we studied how ES provision from managed and abandoned semi-natural grasslands vary along soil and climatic gradients. Information on climate (temperature and precipitation) and soil (pH-value and phosphorous content) were used to test whether ES varied along these environmental gradients. 13 ES indicators were calculated and assigned to nine ES. Some of the ES varied along the gradients, but the results indicate that the effects of soil and climate on ES are modified by agricultural land use.

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