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Urban-rural linkages and their future: impacts on agriculture, diets and food security

Mora O., Lançon F., Aubert F.. 2015. In : Proceedings of the conference on reconnecting agriculture and food chains to societal needs. Rome : Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society, p. 436-437. International Conference on Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society. 2, 2015-09-14/2015-09-17, Rome (Italie).

Recent debates on food and agricultural issues emphasize the significance of the spatialization of food systems and location of agriculture. In this emerging food system geography, urban rural relationships play a significant role in food value chains, food security and nutrition, which is still poorly understood. This presentation explores these issues based on rural urban scenarios at 2050. This research combines two approaches: a comprehensive scientific review of urban and rural changes, and a foresight method based on an expert group. Our results focus on four main future figures: megacities and rural urban blurring; role of intermediate urban centres in agrifood networks; household mobilities and multiactivities between urban and rural areas; counter urbanization and reagrarianization. These four scenarios help to understand how distinct issues might be articulated, and to better differentiate what is at stake for agriculture and food security in those specific forms of urbanrural relationships.

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