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Des dromadaires et des hommes au Moyen-Orient. Identité et modernité

Faye B.. 2016. Anthropology of the Middle East, 11 (1) : p. 51-65.

Regarded as an animal of the past and supporting the eternal image of the 'ship of the desert', the dromedary camel is facing deep changes in its rearing system, causing significant changes in human relationships. A somewhat idealized virtuous animal among the nomad with which it shares the rough life of deserts, it becomes only one cog in the intensification process of settled production systems where it needs to better express its potential of production to avoid the risk of being marginalized, its utilitarian function becoming predominant. However, the urbanized Middle East likes to remember the virtues of the animal and its products, the dromedary returning this animal idealized for a weekend where the city dweller looking over its lost emotional proximity, rather than the economic benefits of its products. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : nomadisme; zone périurbaine; animal de compagnie; comportement animal; système agropastoral; Élevage intensif; intensification; colonisation rurale; système de valeurs; utilisation; dromadaire; moyen orient; sédentarisation; camelus dromedarius

Thématique : Elevage - Considérations générales

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