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Yield performance of 8 rubber clones after 14 years of tapping in Cambodia

Phean Chetha, Phearun P., Hak Bunthuon, Lacote R., Chhek C., Mak S., Gohet E.. 2016. In : CRRI, IRRDB. CRRI and IRRDB International Rubber Conference 2016, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Siem Reap : CRRI; IRRDB, p. 281-285. International Rubber Conference, 2016-11-21/2016-11-25, Siem Reap (Cambodge).

Yield performance of eight clones of Hevea brasiliensis (Wild. ex Adr, de Juss.) Muell. Arg. was evaluated under the climatic condition of a traditional area for rubber cultivation (CHUP) in Cambodia. After 14 years of tapping, the highest yield was recorded for IRCA 130 followed by PB 235, PB 330, PB 280, IRCA 18, PB 260. The lowest yields were obtained from Clones IRCA 111 and GT 1 for both downward and upward tapping. The incidence of tree dryness was lowest in GT 1 and PB 280.

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