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Yield potential of clone IRCA 230 in Cambodia

Sengkea H., Gohet E., Chhek C., Mak S., Lacote R.. 2016. In : CRRI, IRRDB. CRRI and IRRDB International Rubber Conference 2016, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Siem Reap : CRRI; IRRDB, p. 269-280. International Rubber Conference, 2016-11-21/2016-11-25, Siem Reap (Cambodge).

This study was carried out in the CRRI research station in Thbong Khmom province. The objective of the experiment was to investigate the yield potential for tapping system S/2 d4 7d/7 of the clone IRCA 230, by comparing and identifying optimum stimulation frequencies of d4 tapping frequencies of the downward half spiral cuts in both panels BO-1 and BO-2 and quarter spiral cut in panel H0-1. Intensity of stimulation was modulated according to clonal characteristics. During the physiological year 2005-2015, trees were tapped on downward panel and in year 2015-2016, trees were tapped in upward tapping. The result of yield in g/tree/tapping (g.t-1.t-1), g/tree (g.t-1) and kg/ha (kg.ha-1) showed higher the rate of hormonal stimulation, higher the yield. Regarding the specific last year of tapping on panel BO-2, which could estimate the yield capacity of the clone, IRCA 230 still showed the highest production under the highest tested rate of ethephon stimulation. Meanwhile, Suc content was slightly lower than that of the other treatments. At the same period, the relationship between Pi content and yield (g.t-1) indicates that the main effect of ethephon stimulation was on the metabolic activity itself, leading to increased yield in comparison to the other treatments.

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