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Rural development policy in perspective: lessons from country case studies and implications for rural development strategies in developing countries

Losch B., Giordano T., Marzin J., Michaud A.. 2016. Montpellier : UMR Art-Dev, 28 p..

This country case study has been financed by the OECD Development Centre, in partnership with Korean authorities, for the preparation of its Rural Development Policy in Perspective: The review longitudinal review of 4 national development strategies (Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam) pointed the importance of reconnecting issues and of avoiding the ¿rural island¿ syndrome which would systematically lead to policy failures because of inappropriate targets and priorities and missing issues. However, the rapid changes in the ways in which people live, as a consequence of gradual improvement in infrastructure (road networks, improved transportation, new information systems, the mobile phone revolution), have profoundly modified the countryside. Moreover, the local effects of globalisation on developing countries' rural areas have resulted in the weakening of historical ties between agriculture, industrialisation and urbanisation that have structured past economic transitions. As a consequence of these on-going dynamics, if there is a quest for a new rural development paradigm for developing countries, the answer would most probably be in a necessary shift towards local and regional development.

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