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GIS-modelling of land-use trends: Impact of drought in the Naghamish Basin (North Western Egypt)

Saidi S., Gintzburger G., Bonnet P., Daoud I., Alary V.. 2016. Rangeland Journal, 38 (6) : p. 605-618.

DOI: 10.1071/RJ16062

The basic features of the Naghamish Basin and agro-ecosystem in the North West Coastal Zone of Egypt (climate, soils and vegetation cover) are mapped to analyse the wear and tear of physical components of the environment of three tribes' territories between 2006 and 2011 when a dry spell struck. Our land use mapping and results using RS and GIS indicate considerable and quick changes in the agricultural and biotic components in spite of an inter-annual long-term rainfall variability appearing standard for this low-rainfall desert region. After good rainy years (1985¿1995), the impact of the following drought (1996¿2011) perceived by the farmer and Bedouin communities is real and confirmed by our land cover mapping changes of the Nagamish watershed. The communities are correct in their perception of the drought and are deeply affected in their economy and social life.

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