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Decoupling deforestation from commercial farming development: combining territorial and zero deforestation approaches

Dubiez E., Karsenty A., Dessard H., Gazull L.. 2016. Montpellier : CIRAD, 4 p..

Central Africa is a region with a very strong potential for agricultural development. The desire of the countries in the subregion for economic emergence, the availability of arable land, and encouraging prices on the world market for perennial crops will inexorably lead to increased production of cash corps. In Central Africa this growth, which will be sustained by both agro-industrial firms and by hundreds of small producers, significantly increases the risks of deforestation and of anthropogenic transformation of natural environments. Efficient management of farming growth that equally aims for economic development and limiting deforestation will require the creation of relevant public policies, the provision of support to the public and private sectors, and the promotion of alternative agricultural practices that dissociate deforestation and farming.

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