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Tree species diversity and abundance in coffee farms adjacent to areas of different disturbance histories in Mabira forest system, central Uganda

Gwali S., Agaba H., Balitta P., Hafashimana D., Nkandu J., Kuria A., Pinard F., Sinclair F.L.. 2015. International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services and Management, 11 (4) : p. 309-317.

DOI: 10.1080/21513732.2015.1050607

Coffee production in Uganda is done on small-scale farms containing a very significant tree component. However, there is little information on how tree species abundance, richness and diversity change in coffee farms as distance from forest changes. The main objectives of this study, therefore, were to assess (a) abundance and (b) diversity of tree species in the coffee production systems in proximity to disturbed and undisturbed forest around Mabira forest, one of Uganda's Robusta coffee-growing areas. Seventy-nine 0.1 ha plots were established in nine villages close to undisturbed and disturbed forest, and over 5 km from the forest. A total of 875 trees belonging to 63 species were recorded. There was significant similarity in species composition among the three study sites (analysis of similarity R = 0.09, p < 0.01; analysis of variance: F3,12 = 0.353, p = 0.79). Non-metric dimensional scaling supported these findings (stress value = 0.224 at k = 2) and showed that tree species composition in the three proximity categories was very similar. These results demonstrate that tree species composition and diversity is similar in coffee farms regardless of their distance from the nearest natural forest and forest exploitation history.

Mots-clés : coffea canephora; biodiversité; agroforesterie; culture sous couvert végétal; diversification; arbre forestier; espèce; artocarpus heterophyllus; carica papaya; persea americana; albizia; ficus natalensis; ficus; mangifera indica; maesopsis eminii; forêt; facteur du milieu; ouganda; forêt naturelle; milicia excelsa; markhamia lutea

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