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Chinese agriculture technology demonstration centres in Southern Africa: The new business of development

Jiang L., Harding A., Anseeuw W., Alden C.. 2016. Public Sphere : p. 7-36.

Chinese aid in the African agriculture sector is one of the enduring forms of involvement on the continent. The launching of Agriculture Technology Demonstration Centres (ATDCs) in 2006 marked a new intensive phase in agricultural aid, which seeks to find sustainability through public-private partnerships and to promote Chinese commercial pursuits. Based on in-depth fieldwork in Mozambique and South Africa, this paper provides a critical analysis of ATDCs practices. As per the three key objectives of the ATDC - technology transfer, business development, and sustainability -, the authors find three major results. First, the agro-technology transfer proves to be beneficial but at a very localized level. Second, Chinese agribusiness companies have been introduced to the host countries through the platform of the ATDC, and are partially fulfilling the commercial aim of the project. Third, the long-standing problem of aid unsustainability remains a major concern with the newly launched ATDC project. The deficiency of policy design and lack of effective bilateral interactions are identified as the main reasons for the problems experienced. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : afrique; chine

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