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Developing adaptation packages for West African agriculture while ensuring congruence with climate and RAPs

Hathie I., MacCarthy D.S., Freduah B.S., Nenkam A., Adam M., Adiku S.G.K., Traoré P.C.S., Clottey J., Ly A., Narh S.. 2016. In : Seeking Sustainable Agricultural Solutions AgMIP6 Global Workshop: Oral and poster abstracts. Montpellier : AgMIP, p. 13-13. Global Workshop of the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP). 6, 2016-06-28/2016-06-30, Montpellier (France).

In the semi-arid region of the Sahel, climate change is already affecting the farming systems and these impacts are expected to heighten in the near to mid-century. Given the complexities and conflicting drivers at play and the foreseeable negative consequences on the livelihoods of the majority of farmers, it is worthwhile designing relevant adaptation packages that will alleviate these effects. In this study, we envision to assess the implications of implementing two adaptation packages within the context of three West African farming systems specifically located in Ghana (Navrongo), Mali (Koutiala) and Senegal (Nioro). The first adaptation package is composed of heat and drought tolerant species along with an economic and policy level intervention through the delivery of subsidies to acquire improved varieties. The second pack builds on the first but adds a fertilizer component (splitting and timing to account for extreme events) and a policy variable in the form of index-based insurance adoption. The design process included interactions with a diverse set of stakeholders. The outcomes of these adaptation options on current and future agricultural systems will shed light on the projected adoption rates of climate adapted-systems and show how these various adaptations affect the impacts of climate change, keeping congruence with the relevant representative agricultural pathways. (Texte intégral)

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