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DataMill: a new application to interface researchers' database with crop models

Adam M., Auzoux S., Loison R., Affholder F.. 2016. In : Seeking Sustainable Agricultural Solutions AgMIP6 Global Workshop: Oral and poster abstracts. Montpellier : AgMIP, p. 76-76. Global Workshop of the Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP). 6, 2016-06-28/2016-06-30, Montpellier (France).

DataMill is an application built to improve access and re-use of agronomic data for crop modelling. DataMill extracts data from a standardized database and then translates these data to compatible model-ready formats for multiple crop models. DataMill is made of: (i) layouts of each input/output file from selected crop models, (ii) a Microsoft Access database (DataMill_DB) that structures all the variables of input/output files, (iii) and a Visual Basic executable file that converts the data from DataMill_DB into model input/output files in native format. The next step is to input researchers' data into DataMill_DB through queries. This step will be crucial and depends on how each researcher is structuring and storing its data. DataMill facilitates the creation of model input files, one of the major bottlenecks in the use of crop models. Currently, DataMill is working for SARRA-H and DSSAT formats input files and is in development for APSIM and STICS. The concept of DataMill and an example of its use will be presented at the conference. (Texte intégral)

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