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Froelicher Y., Poullet T., Evrard J.C., Ahmed D., Durand M., Luro F., Curk F., Bloquel E., Pailly O., Dambier D., Bruyère S., Morillon R., Ollitrault P.. 2016. In : Mattos Dirceu (ed.), Fermino Carlos Eduardo (ed.), Moreira Novelli Valdenice (ed.), Alves de Azevedo Fernando (ed.), Della Coletta Filho Helvécio (ed.), Vicente Contador Zaccheo Paulo (ed.). Abstract book Sustainable citriculture: the role of applied knowledge. Londrina : IAPAR, p. 105-105. International Citrus Congress, 2016-09-18/2016-09-23, Foz do Iguaçu (Brésil).

To produce seedless varieties, we focused on triploid hybrid selection. Different methods are developed to create triploid. The first method consists to exploit 2n gametes naturally produced by diploid crosses. The second method is based on interploid hybridization (2x X 4x and 4x X 2x). For this strategy the parental tetraploid gene pool has been diversified by selecting spontaneous tetraploid in apomictic cultivars, generating doubled diploid by colchicines treatments and allotetraploid by somatic hybridization. Several thousand triploid hybrids have been created using these strategies with the support of embryo rescue and ploidy evaluation by flow cytometry. Selections of new varieties are in process and will be soon evaluated in different farm. Acquisition of knowledge allows maximizing the breeding efficiency. Particularly our breeding program builds on (1) progress on genomics and phylogenomics, (2) knowledge on polyploidization mechanisms, tetraploid meiosis and there implications on the genetic and phenotypic structure, (3) studies of the implications of polyploidy on genomic and phenotypic expression. (Texte intégral)

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