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Is Ornithodoros erraticus able to transmit the Georgia 2007/1 African Swine Fever virus isolate to domestic pigs?

Bernard J., Vial L., Hutet E., Paboeuf F., Michaud V., Boinas F., Le Potier M.F.. 2016. Ploufragan : ANSES, 1 poster. Annual GARA Scientific Workshop. 3, 2016-09-06/2016-09-08, Ploufragan (France).

African swine fever (ASF) is one of the most devastating diseases affecting wild and domestic swine. After ASF introduction in Georgia in 2007, the disease has become endemic in the Russian Federation and spread towards the Western regions, entering in EU Members States at the beginning of 2014. In sub - Saharan countries of Africa, ASF persistence is described to be related to different and complex epidemiological scenarii involving domestic and wild suids and soft tick vectors of the genus Ornithodoros. As no vaccine or antiviral are available to fight against this infection, the only tools to control it are preventive measures based on early detection and knowledge of the epidemiological risks. In EU, one species of Ornithodoros, O. erraticus, is known to be able to maintain and/or transmit some ASFV isolates classified in the genotype I (1). More recently, O. erraticus was demonstrated to be able to amplify the Georgia 2007 / 1 ASFV, at least during 3 months (2). However the demonstration of the transmission from tick to pig of this Georgia strain has not yet been done.

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