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Deliverable 4.2. Procedure for social validation of Climate change Adaptation Plan for water security in three Model Forests in Latin America. Work Package 4. Task 4.1

Sabourin E., Schillinger R., Cronenbold R., Sandoval C., Canedi V., Giner G., Pacheco N., Cayul S., Leclerc G.. 2014. s.l. : Projet Eco Adapt, 21 p..

This document is about the methodology of social validation of the Climate Change Adaptation Plans and its implementation in the three Model Forests (MFs) of the EcoAdapt project. The first part of the paper presents the background and the work method. The second part deals with the specific advances and results of each of the three model forests participating in the EcoAdapt project in regards to the strategy of social validation of their climate change adaptation plans and the pilot ¿energizing¿ projects. The third part offers a transversal analysis with some conclusions and recommendations for social validation of adaptation options in the context of an action research project.

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