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Outcomes of the 2016 European OneHealth/EcoHealth workshop

Keune H., Flandroy L., Thijs S., Antoine-Moussiaux N., Vanhove M., Van den Berg T., Van Oyen H., Hiemstra W., Haesler B., Binot-Herder A., Binot A., Romanelli C.. 2016. In : One Health EcoHealth 2016 Congress abstracts. Melbourne : OHEH, 1 p.. International One Health Congress. 4, 2016-12-03/2016-12-07, Melbourne (Australie).

The importance of human health interlinkages with nature and the environment in general has gained attention in science, policy and society at large. In the European OneHealth/EcoHealth workshop we aim to support these ambitions. The workshop will bring together people from different communities in science, policy and practice to exchange experience and views, and discuss opportunities and challenges for integration and practice. The workshop partly builds upon a survey that will precede the workshop in which a wide range of relevant experts from science, policy and societal practice will be consulted to give their perspective on the OneHealth ambition. Together we aim to formulate key lessons learned and key steps forward messages. This presentation will present main outcomes of this European workshop, including outcomes of the survey. (Texte intégral)

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