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Porosity enhancement of biochar derived from rubber sawdust using steam injection at low temperature

Kaewtrakulchai N., Eiad-Ua A., Rousset P.. 2017. In : Green Convergence on Chemical Frontiers. Bangkok : PACCON, 1 p.. Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference (PACCON), 2017-02-02/2017-02-03, Bangkok (Thaïlande).

Biochar is extremely interesting for energy and environment applications such assoil amender, sorbent materials and biofuels. In this study, rubber sawdust (RS) was prepared through the pyrolysis at 400 and 600°C with low and high heating rate (7 and 20°C/min) for 60 minutes.The pyrolytic parameters have a strong influence on biochar properties. Biochar yield was decreased from 33.1 to 22.6 wt% due to increasing of pyrolytic temperature. The higest BET surface area of biochar previous enhanced porosity was found about 410 m2/g at 600°C with 20°C/min of heating rate with particle size 0.3-1 mm. Afterwards, biochar porosity was enhanced through the steam injection process. Furthermore, the physicochemical properties of biochar product (i.e. surface morphology, BET surface area, and N2adsorption isotherm) will be characterized. (Texte intégral)

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