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Ecology of termites from the genus Nasutitermes (Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae) and potential for science-based development of sustainable pest management programs

Boulogne I., Constantino R., Amusant N., Falkowski M., Rodrigues A.M.S., Houël E.. 2017. Journal of Pest Science, 90 (1) : p. 19-37.

DOI: 10.1007/s10340-016-0796-x

The genus Nasutitermes is among the most abundant wood-feeding Termitidae and an extremely diverse and heterogeneous group in terms of its biogeography and morphology. Despite the major role of several Nasutitermes species as structural pests, the phylogenetic status of this genus is still unclear, along with a confused taxonomy and species identification remaining difficult. The first aim of this review was thus to gather and discuss studies concerning the taxonomic status of the genus Nasutitermes in order to clarify this crucial point. Then, our goal was to gain new insights into the management of N. corniger, considered to be the most economically detrimental pest of this genus in South America and a Nasutitermes model species, while filtering available information concerning its biology through the prism of termite control, as well as critically examine the existing methods. We indeed strongly believe that increasing our knowledge of this species' biological strategies is the key to progress in the challenging question of their sustainable management.

Mots-clés : nasutitermes; Écologie animale; organisme nuisible; taxonomie; biogéographie; distribution géographique; phylogénie; identification; conformation animale; bois; lutte biologique; extrait d'origine végétale; extrait de bois; composition chimique; insecticide; insecticide d'origine végétale; préservation du bois; amérique du sud; nasitutermes corniger

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