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Dictionary-based sentiment analysis applied to a specific domain

Cruz L., Ochoa J., Roche M., Poncelet P.. 2017. In : Lossio-Ventura Juan Antonio (ed.), Alatrista-Salas Hugo (ed.). Information management and big data. Cham : Springer International Publishing, p. 57-68. (Communications in Computer and Information Science, 656). Annual International Symposium on Information Management and Big Data. 2, 2015-09-02/2015-09-04, Cusco (Pérou).

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-55209-5_5

The web and social media have been growing exponentially in recent years. We now have access to documents bearing opinions expressed on a broad range of topics. This constitutes a rich resource for natural language processing tasks, particularly for sentiment analysis. Nevertheless, sentiment analysis is usually difficult because expressed sentiments are usually topic-oriented. In this paper, we propose to automatically construct a sentiment dictionary using relevant terms obtained from web pages for a specific domain. This dictionary is initially built by querying the web with a combination of opinion terms, as well as terms of the domain. In order to select only relevant terms we apply two measures AcroDefMI3 and TrueSkill. Experiments conducted on different domains highlight that our automatic approach performs better for specific cases.

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