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Topical Collection: Groundwater-based agriculture in the Mediterranean

Kuper M., Leduc C., Massuel S., Bouarfa S.. 2017. Hydrogeology Journal, 25 (6) : p. 1525-1528.

This essay introduces a collection of articles that explore the future of groundwater-based agriculture in the Mediterranean from an interdisciplinary perspective, in a context of declining water tables due to intensive groundwater use. The imminent crisis that many groundwater economies face due to very rapid and intense global change may have severe irreversible social, economic and environmental consequences, but could also be the opportunity to make a clear break with current agricultural development models and move towards more sustainable agricultural practices. The Mediterranean region is, therefore, an interesting case for the future of intensive groundwater use, as innovative ideas and practices may emerge and inspire similar groundwater-based agricultural systems around the world. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : sociologie économique; politique de développement; zone méditerranéenne; développement durable; agriculture durable; nappe souterraine; irrigation; ressource en eau; gestion des ressources; gestion des ressources naturelles; conservation de l'eau; hydrologie; afrique du nord

Thématique : Ressources en eau et leur gestion; Conservation de la nature et ressources foncières; Systèmes et modes de culture

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