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Use of ethylene stimulation to enhancing the rubber tapping in northeast Thailand

Samila Y., Ayutthaya S.I.N., Meetha S., Chantuma P., Lacote R.. 2017. Khon Kaen Agriculture Journal, 45 (1) : p. 321-324.

The objective of this work was to enhance the rubber tree clone RRIM 600 productivity in northeast Thailand by reduction of tapping frequency with ethylene. The experimental sites were in Ubonrat district, Khon Kaen province as well as Satuk distric and Kaen Dong district, Buriram province. The 2 tapping systems: S/3 2d/3 (farmer's system) and S/3 d3 ET 2.5% (low tapping frequency; LS), were compared in August 2016. The result showed that LS reduced the number of tapping day, but increased the yield per tapping. However, the total of cup lump yield of both tapping systems was not significantly different at this short term experiment. This result indicated that the LS system could compensate the loss of yield from the reduction of tapping day. However, the experiment is going on to survey the possible impact of LS on farm productivity.

Mots-clés : latex; rendement; Éthylène; extraction; rendement des cultures; thaïlande

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