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Brace for changes: investigating epigenetic regulations and anticipating climate change

Jaligot E.. 2017. Ouro Preto : SBG, 1 p.. Simpósio Brasileiro de Genética Molecular de Plantas. 6, 2017-05-28/2017-06-02, Ouro Preto (Brésil).

Epigenetic mechanims are involved in the regulation of gene and genome structure and expression at multiple levels. They respond to both internal signals, notably in the course of differentiation and development, and to external ones, as exemplified through their ability to be affected by environmental cues. Because of their properties, epigenetic processes may well provide insights into how short-term (acclimation, priming) and long-term (adaptation) adjustments to ongoing global changes could impact crop yield in a not-so-distant future, and thereby help us devise new breeding strategies in order to better anticipate them. I will illustrate this talk with practical cases taken from ongoing research on tropical and mediterranean crops, with emphasis on our group's research focusing on oil and date palms. (Texte intégral)

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