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Re-allocating yet-to-be-saved water in irrigation modernization projects. The case of The Bittit irrigation system, Morocco

Van der Koiij S., Kuper M., De Fraiture C., Lankford B., Zwarteveen M.. 2017. In : Venot Jean-Philippe (ed.), Kuper Marcel (ed.), Zwarteveen Margreet (ed.). Drip irrigation for agriculture: untold stories of efficiency, innovation and development. Abingdon : Routledge, p. 68-84. (Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management).

Efficient irrigation technologies increase agricultural production and potentially save water. Using the case of modernization projects in a small- scale farmer-managed irrigation system in Morocco, we critically discuss the wisdom of solving problems of water scarcity through technological solutions such as drip irrigation and canal lining. In particular, we show that the promise of future water savings may be used to conceal or postpone contentious political questions of allocation. The water "gains" that newly introduced technologies are expected to yield can be claimed by or promised to many, thereby serving as a strategy to reduce distributional tensions irrespective of whether the water gains are actually realized.

Mots-clés : irrigation goutte à goutte; réseau d'irrigation; méthode d'irrigation; utilisation de l'eau; conservation de l'eau; gestion des eaux; développement agricole; changement technologique; modernisation; maroc

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