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"Bricolage" as an everyday practice of contestation of smallholders engaging with drip irrigation

Kuper M., Benouniche M., Naouri M., Zwarteveen M.. 2017. In : Venot Jean-Philippe (ed.), Kuper Marcel (ed.), Zwarteveen Margreet (ed.). Drip irrigation for agriculture: untold stories of efficiency, innovation and development. Abingdon : Routledge, p. 256-265.

This chapter shows how, through a process of "bricolage" on drip irrigation, a distributed innovation agency emerged across different local actors. This allowed drip irrigation to be adapted to a wide range of users and uses in North Africa. It simultaneously created local experience and expertise, and increased the demand for drip irrigation. 'Bricolage' on drip irrigation by local actors is both a contested practice and an everyday form of contestation as it comes with a role reversal, where such actors effectively share responsibilities of the de sign process with engineers and renegotiate their relationships with their elders, the State or the market. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : Étude de cas; adoption de l'innovation; méthode d'irrigation; réseau d'irrigation; eau d'irrigation; utilisation de l'eau; changement technologique; innovation; petite exploitation agricole; irrigation goutte à goutte; algérie; maroc; afrique du nord

Thématique : Irrigation; Ressources en eau et leur gestion

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