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Optimization of Balanites aegyptiaca seeds supply chain for biofuel production in West Africa sahelian regions

Sawadogo M., Bambara L.D., Blin J., Anciaux D., Roy D.. 2017. In : Maher Chaabene (ed.). Renewable Energy Congress (IREC), 2017 8th International. Amman : IEEE, p. 1-5. (IEEE Conference Proceeding). International Renewable Energy Congress, IREC 2017. 8, 2017-03-21/2017-03-23, Amman (Jordanie).

DOI: 10.1109/IREC.2017.7926017

Balanites aegyptiaca (B. aegyptiaca) is one of the plant species targeted and already studied for the production of oilseed-based biofuels. This paper presents an optimization model of B. aegyptiaca seeds supply chain in West African sahelian context. It has been developed considering the West Africa rural context where family farming is mainly practiced. The model has been applied to a theoretical case of study in the sub sahelian region of the Burkina Faso. Four scenarios on the location of the pre-processing and on the transportation means used between B. aegyptiaca feedstock growing areas and feedstock gathering points (GP) have been performed. Considering different feedstock growing areas with different territorial yield, and different transportation means, the results show that the most efficient option is the cart for transportation between the feedstock growing areas and the GP with the location of the pre-processing at the GP. The results also show that more than 65% of the seeds cost price at the biorefinery gate is composed of the transportation costs.

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