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Validation of a herbaceous biomass assessment model for Sahelian rangelands (Biomasah) in Niger

Garba I., Salifou I., Djaby B., Touré I., Tychon B.. 2017. International Journal of Current Research, 9 (4) : p. 48992-48999.

This study was carried out in the pastoral zone of Niger with the aim of validating outputs of the BIOMASAH model developed by the AGRHYMET Regional Centre (ARC) relative to real data collected over the 2001-2011 period by the Ministry Livestock and Animal Industries (MEIA) of Niger. We used parametric tests (t-tests) and nonparametric tests (Wilcoxon and sign tests) for mean comparisons. A correlation analysis was performed by calculating Pearson's r, Spearman's ?, Kendall's T and Hoeffding's D correlation coefficients. The results showed that the BIOMASAH model generally overestimated biomass (983.17 vs. 591.17 kg/ha) with a highly significant difference relative to the field findings (P <.0001). Pearson's r (0.15), Spearman's? (0.22) Kendall's T (0.13) and Hoeffding's D (0.1) correlation coefficients were low but highly significant (p <.0001). Grazing pressure and spatiotemporal variability of rainfall helped explain the noted differences. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : biomasse; Évaluation; modèle de simulation; modèle mathématique; méthode statistique; imagerie par satellite; pluviométrie; plante fourragère; pâturages; végétation; niger; sahel

Thématique : Méthodes mathématiques et statistiques; Physiologie végétale : croissance et développement

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