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Performance of similarity analysis in the estimation of forage yields in the Sahelian zone of Niger

Garba I., Salifou I., Djaby B., Touré I., Mohamede Sallah A.H., Adoum A., Samba A., Banoin M., Tychon B.. 2017. International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 8 (2) : p. 1072-1088.

The study aims to test the performance of similarity analysis in herbaceous fodder biomass estimate in the Nigerian pastoral zone, in a context of insecurity and precipitation spatiotemporal variability. It is carried out on the time series of NDVI decadal images of SPOT VEGETATION for the period from 2001 to 2012 and on fodder biomasses measured in situ during the same period. Similarity analysis compares NDVI seasonal patterns to detect similar years using three criteria: the RMSE (Root Mean squared error), the MAD (Mean absolute Deviation), and R². Exploratory statistical analyzes with bootstrap are carried out to better characterize the observations resulting from the simulation. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : biomasse; Évaluation; plante fourragère; rendement; pastoralisme; image spot; télédétection; méthode statistique; analyse d'image; zone agroclimatique; donnée météorologique; analyse de séries chronologiques; variation saisonnière; pluviométrie; niger

Thématique : Méthodes de relevé; Méthodes mathématiques et statistiques; Physiologie végétale : croissance et développement; Météorologie et climatologie

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